Collagen Capsules 540's

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Collagen Capsules 540's


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Collagen Capsules 540's


What is Biolyn Collagen Capsules 540's?

Biolyn Collagen Capsules 540's is the collagen extracted from the skin of the pure, unpolluted deep-sea fishes. It is natural, pure and safe to be consumed. We provide hydrolyzed collagen that has been broken down into smaller pieces and low in molecular size that can be easily absorbed by human body.

  • No preservatives

  • No Colouring Agent

  • Fat free

  • Sugar Free


Why Collagen?

  • To prevent osteoporosis

  • Skin repairing mechanic

  • Delay aging, maintain youthfulness of skin

  • To obtain healthy hair & glossy nails


Who needs collagen?

  • Always expose to sunlight

  • Apparent wrinkles and fine line

  • Long exposure to air-conditioned environment

  • Difficulties applying makeup